W3|c0m3 2 mY B|og!!!

In other words

Get to know my cat

Posted by Shamn on 08/28/2009

Hi, this is Owen. He actually named after Owen Hart. Just a little information, Owen Hart is the professional wrestler who tragically died from equipment malfunction during his stunt. Owen is about 10 years old, neutered male cat, very affectionate, smart, loyal and friendly. Every time when I rub his tummy, you can hear how loud he purrs. I’m not really sure if this is very common but I have to admit that Owen loves ketchup, salmon, FKC fried chicken, mayonnaise and beef burger. When it comes to cat food, he is very picky.
Here, he’s very sleep and tends to ignore me while taking his photo.
Nice captured! He’s yawning!
Rub my tummy
Looks like it’s tummy rubbing time. Whenever Owen chases a bug, you can hear this strange clicking noise with his mouth and then sometimes, meows. It’s really interesting!


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