W3|c0m3 2 mY B|og!!!

In other words

Windows 7 screenshots

Posted by Shamn on 08/28/2009

Here’s the screenshot of start up from Windows 7(release candidate). It’s been almost 2 months now I have been using Windows 7. For me, it’s a great OS and obviously millions times better than vista, which I think it’s purely crap. It’s user friendly and very easy to customize.
Here, you pretty much re-arrange your taskbar in any location you want. Under that Start menu, it allows you to customize how links, icons, and menus look and behave in Start menu.
control panel
Here, you can adjust your settings from security to the ease of access. Ease of Access, here you optimize your visual display, replace sounds with visual cues and you can even change how keyboards works. In changing how keyboard works, you can either use magnifier, start on-screen keyboard, start narrator or Setting up high contrast and so on….
Here, you have an options to either show, hide, and only show notifications of your icons, straight from your taskbar. Of course you can also turn on and off the icons through “turn systems icons”.
Oh yes, in games section. Just see the screen shot!
You can actually easily access the gadgets from your desktop. Just right click, then click “gadgets”. You can also download gadgets everywhere, just bing or google it!
devices and printers
Here, you can access your devices and printers.


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