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Young and broke – not so cute

Posted by Shamn on 08/30/2009

I know neither of us really had any money while we were in school, parents send us to school, or some works part time while studying.
But now that we have a job and lot’s of planning to do.

These days, it seems that people are getting into debt at a younger age. The problem with many is that, when they get credit card or money in their pocket, they go a bit out of control?

Now, it gets to the point that I just don’t want to turn on the news because it’s makes you sad. Seems like week after week, people are losing their homes, bankruptcies are rising, and sometimes you just can’t keep up. People who worked hard for many years are forced to withdraw their retirement funds just to make ends meet. It’s heartbreaking!

I guess it’s a real eye-opener to us. We live in a modern age and for some people money is freedom so we love to buy stuff that’s cool and trendy. But did you ever stay within your means?

Yes, we don’t talk about money until we get married and that’s very common. It never crossed my mind until I got a job either and starts thinking.
Everyone has a unique attitude to money. Some people love it thinking what they can buy and others see it as source of security.

The point is, we can’t predict the future. We don’t know for sure what the next day holds, and preparing yourself for unexpected is one of the best ways to prevent it, and you also feel better about yourself when you have savings at your own name while single.


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