W3|c0m3 2 mY B|og!!!

In other words

Altec inMotion Max

Posted by Shamn on 10/08/2009

Retail Price: $199.00

Altec PortaSpeakerIf you are in the market for Portable speaker, you make sure you read some reviews; I bought this speaker instead of Bose, just because Altec has an FM tuner, it’s smaller and lighter,  great look, and extremely portable.  Bose is great but it doesn’t have FM tuner, bulky and heavier. Since I travel a lot, this works perfect for me, it’s so light to carry and I can just put it up in my laptop case. Although the FM tuner sounds really nice, just don’t crank it up, you can really hear the distortion! Battery life doesn’t last 3.5 hours. When I went to Asia, I have this speaker with me; it’s just a pain in the neck. Maybe my unit is defective? I keep charging it, but speaker keeps blinking and asked to be “reset”, which is really annoying, and I didn’t see a reset button so I keep unplugging and tried again and still didn’t work. So, I sent it back as soon as I got back from my vacation.  

The remote control is also not that great, you have to point the remote right to the sensor, not just in general direction. This is the second time that I have to send it back to Altec it’s because the first replacement was acting crazy again and a bit annoying, same problem, but the good thing is, their customer service is very accommodating. They don’t have a problem replacing the unit and I even asked if they can rush it before my cruise and they did.  

Now, the last one they sent me, so far I don’t have a problem with it. It sounded great in my office room, bedroom, living room and in my kitchen but if you are looking for portable speaker with pounding bass, you might be disappointed. This speaker is not for that, it doesn’t shake your whole garage. 

Other design flaws that how I wished Altec could have done better, they  should design it with built-in telescoping antenna for FM and not just the plug-in wire antenna. It’s supposed to be portable but you have to make sure you don’t forget that wired antenna after folding your speaker. Other thing too, there’s no handle in the speaker so if you want to grab it, you always careful not to tune up or down the volume or any input buttons on the top. It feel’s really fragile so you need an extra care. Overall, the unit is nice, excellent sound, easy to move around, but needs some important design change.

(Please note that all my personal reviews are based on my own personal experience, and is no way impacted to the company mentioned.)


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