W3|c0m3 2 mY B|og!!!

In other words

Bose 2 Series II Multimedia Speaker

Posted by Shamn on 10/09/2009

Retail Price: $99.00

Bose Speaker

I purchased these speakers solely for my laptop 2 months ago and they are great speakers I’ve had for my laptop. The sound quality is absolutely superb and provides higher volume than your built-in speaker. It offers an amazing reproduction on sound, perfect for a smaller place like in your bedroom or just in your office. It also looks sleek on a desk. I listen to a lot of alternative, slow rock and classical, the sound is really well balanced, great mid-tone, bass and treble.  Additional input jacks are great so you can attach different components to the system. The problems I have, there’s no physical way to control the treble or bass, but having said that, the electronic equalizer makes the sound crisp and if you have computer equalizer, you can easily adjust it.  I also noticed, maybe this is just mine,  when you try to put the hard or fast music in a higher volume it doesn’t do well, it sounded weird and distortion is noticeable. The effect is only good at lower volumes. Keep in mind that speaker doesn’t come with on/off switch. If you are thinking of rocking your whole house, or if you want something for your desktop and you’re a big time gamer, I would recommend getting the 3 piece system.  

I would say, depending on your needs, if you are just looking for smaller room, office or just for laptop, I would recommend it but not for someone that’s looking for a party whole night or a big bang on your desk! Overall, great speakers, but really not perfect!

(Please note that all my personal reviews are based on my own personal experience, and is no way impacted to the company mentioned.)


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