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In other words

Sony Cybershot 12.1MP with IS

Posted by Shamn on 10/10/2009

Retail Price: $279.00  Sony

I had a Canon Power shot before and it just stopped working on me after almost two years of use. Last moth, I decided to go look for another point and shoot camera and decided to buy touch screen Sony cyber shot. However, there are always pros and cons when you buy like camera, because obviously nothing is perfect. Ultimately I have more pros than cons!  So here we go…


It has 12.1 mega pixel resolutions with aperture range of f/3.5 to f/10.

Comes with a generous 3” LCD screen, great for reviewing photos after taking a shot or slideshow.

Touch screen is really good, and works like charm.

Capture very good HD video.

It’s very compact and it takes very crisp images especially when not using zoom.

Easy to carry around, only weigh 5 oz.

Love the smile feature, comes with 5 levels, so I can go have fun with my photos!

Image stabilization works great.

Love the fact that you can slideshow all your pictures taken with special effects and you can actually download your music from your computer to your camera and used that as your slideshow music.

You can choose Image size from 2M to 12M (The higher you choose, the lower images capacity on your camera, of course).

In Shooting Display settings, easy options of normal, Simple and Image only.

You also can view images by date, favorites, event and just folder view.


Battery life is so much poor when it comes to Video capture, only lasts about 8 to 10 minutes.

If you want to run slideshow especially with music on, it really eats up a lot of battery life. Hope Sony could have done better!

Only thing I can say, when you buy a digital camera especially touch screen, I can only suggest to buy screen protector to avoid your LCD screen from scratch and grease. With all that said, I am very happy with this camera. I am very impressed and worth every penny!

Here’s the few sample taken from Sony cyber shot with the help of IS.

(Please note that all my personal reviews are based on my own personal experience, and is no way impacted to the company mentioned.)

Please do not reproduce any of these photos without the permission of the copyright holder. All rights reserved.


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