W3|c0m3 2 mY B|og!!!

In other words

Scrap XP and Vista!!!!

Posted by Shamn on 10/23/2009

Finally I have some time to blog after feeling physically and emotionally tired. Yesterday, Windows 7 officially launched. I definitely received a lot of messages from family and friends asking about it, I jumped to face book feeling excited what people say about it, and results have been quite amazing.  I can say it was a very high-profile launch of the new OS, never ending Twitter, Face book, people are blogging about the breathless updates of it. It’s really getting a huge amount of good press and drawn quite successful reviews from technology experts, and of course Microsoft should be excited about that.
I currently have an ultimate release candidate version in my PC since I don’t have time to upgrade, I can say that it does share some of the vista’s visuals but NONE of the slowness and frequent system crashes.  I actually leave my PC on 24/7 and it runs smoothly!
Other thing about win7, not only it boots faster than XP, it detected almost all of the hardware.  W7 also sees on my HP laptop about those multifunction documents center with their own unique services, it’s really more natural way of managing peripherals.  

What they say:
New York Times “ The end of 3 year old Vista nightmare” , calls Windows 7 “ The best version of Windows.” A quick and short glance at the new software:

1.) Better than Vista with graphics upgrade, less memory hogging,  reduced security prompts and enhanced compatibility with third party hardware and software.

2.) The taskbar gets a complete makeover, allow you to stick icons for your favorite programs to launch them quickly and much more.

3.) Folders can now be organized into libraries and gives quick access to pictures and files spread out over the entire hard drive.

4.) New applications named Aero Snaps (allows putting two applications side by side for easy comparison and copy-and-paste). Aero Peek (makes open windows temporarily transparent so you can see what’s on your desktop) and Aero Shake (if you shake a window, all the other windows will disappear) are useful and fun to use.

5.) Windows 7 also includes more support for touch. With a capacitive touch screen PC, you can now scroll through lists of files, pinch to zoom web pages and images, and employ flicks and gestures to launch Jump Lists.

6.) Windows media player gets new streaming features enabling sharing music on internet and media center to gets better with additional support for Divx etc reducing the codecs chase.

7.) Networking is another area where significant progress has been made. The new HomeGroup feature makes accessing files on another Windows 7 PC on the home network very easy.

8.) Following a no frill approach, some notable applications like Windows Movie maker, Windows mails, Live photo gallery are strangely missing but are available for download on the Microsoft site.

Verdict from Gizmodo:
Windows XP was a great OS in its day. Windows Vista, once it found its feet several months in, was a good OS. With Windows 7, the OS is great again. It’s what people said they wanted out of Windows: Solid, more nimble and the easiest, prettiest Windows yet. There’s always a chance this won’t be a huge hit come October, given the economy and the state of the PC industry, but it’s exactly what Microsoft needs right now. Something people can grab without fear.

Shuttleworth, Founder of popular Linux distro Ubuntu and chief executive of Canonical called Windows 7 a great operating system. “I’ve kicked the tires on the [Windows 7] beta for a few hours and it was good,” Shuttleworth said. “They’ve put concerted attention on the user experience with the shell. “I think it’s going to be a great product, and every indication is we will see it in the market sooner rather than later.”

Yobie Benjamin,technology writer for the San Francisco Chronicle and frequent Microsoft critic: “In a phrase, Windows 7 is darn good – very good. A huge congratulations to the [development] team in Redmond! Well done! In fact, very well done!” he writes.

Bill Wagner, co-founder of Ann Arbor-based SRT Solutions, said Windows 7 offers improved speed, better networking capabilities, enhanced touch-screen features and improved multi-monitor functioning. “I cannot come up with a single reason why someone would run Vista once Windows 7 is out,” Wagner said. “It is definitely a lot more stable than Vista and a lot more robust and faster on the same or even lower-grade hardware.”

 Overall I can say, it’s really a big improvement over Vista and XP. Looks like 7 is a lucky number after all.


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Ban on texting while driving makes sense

Posted by Shamn on 10/16/2009

Don't text and Drive!!!I know so many people at work who text while driving. Just the amount of people hooked up on cell phones everyday is amazing and getting scary, no kidding! I have seen many drivers not paying attention and the last moment swerves to exit or just going slow in the fast lane, or forgot to yield other drivers. I sometimes wonder why traffic is backed up and going slow. I mean, who likes to drive in 60miles an hour while the car in front of you talking on the cell phone or texting drives like 45miles speed? They forgot that really, eighty five percent of accidents are caused from distractions. When people are texting while driving, the eyes and mental focus are not on the road, it’s on the screen and keypad.
I know cell phones are a great convenience but talking and texting while driving is just dangerous. It’s just so hard to concentrate on the phone conversation while driving. Multitasking while driving just doesn’t work.

Here is some research on driving and cell phone use:

  • A driver’s field of vision, reaction time, and ability to visualize potential hazards decreases when talking or texting on a cell phone while driving.
  • In a study released in 2008 by Carnegie Mellon University, researcher Marcel Just stated that listening to a cell phone while driving can reduce by 37 % the amount of brain activity associated with driving. This can cause drivers to weave out of their lane, based on the performance of subjects using a driving simulator.
  • In December 2008, the University of Utah reaffirmed in their study that hands-free phones are as distracting as handheld models.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company showed that 73% of drivers admit to talking on their cell phone while they are driving. Liberty Mutual Research Institute and SADD reported that teens said texting was their greatest distraction while driving. What does that mean in plain English? Basically means that, of all the things you could do while driving, sending a text message is so incredibly dangerous.  Driving literally demands your full attention.

It’s a common sense that when you drive, you should focus on driving and not talking to your friends or your family. If you need to answer your call, you can just pull over in a safe location and return the call or let them leave a message.  No phone call that is so important than putting the driver in danger and everyone on the road.  

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