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2010 election [Vote Wisely]

Posted by Shamn on 11/04/2009

Election is not even starting yet, but campaign is too early to start!  2010 election in my hometown is getting nearer as the time goes by and wonder if it is all worth to have an election.  Corruption, lacks of job, over population, healthcare, education, has been the major issues of the government. These are the days that the people should be choosing the right candidates to vote.

I know everyone have the right to choose who to vote for.  If you’d choose to sell your vote, then you’d be crazy and practically non-sense. If you choose to think and do a research about the candidate who you thought deserve in the position, then you did a right thing.

I know there’s a lot of people just doesn’t care about election, it’s because they thought there’s no hope. Not all people are corrupt, we just have to think carefully who to vote for.  Voting is our fundamental right! Every vote has its value and it’s your statement of belief and principle. It’s a self-expression!

It seems our present election system is only meant for the rich and the celebrities. Don’t vote just because of fame, or their names and faces are engraved in big monuments, or they are your friends or sociable. Think about the love of your nation!  It’s the voter’s responsibility to act on what you believe and thought what is right for our nation, and not by the money of any politicians!

Try to consider the candidates, and where they stand on different issues.  You just don’t listen and believe on what they are saying.  Spend time to make sure that you are protecting and defending your freedom by voting wisely.

You should be proud of yourself because you are given the chance to vote. So, again, vote wisely!


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